Weekly Synopsis: 3/12 – 3/18

Well here we are. Another week of US Politics and of course this week continued the trend of Presidential Tweets, fighting over Healthcare, and embarrassing moments. But you know we should be used to all of that by now. So let’s catch up on some of the major news stories this week that dealt with US Politics:

The Healthcare Bill that House Republicans introduced last week has been met with heavy skepticism from Democrats as well as more Conservative members of Congress. (Washington Post) (New York Times) (NBC News)

Another controversy surrounding the White House came from the President Tweeting that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. This continued from last week with the President doubling down on the allegations. White House Senior Adviser, Kellyanne Conway, commented that Obama could have used several devices to spy on Trump tower including a microwave oven. (New York Times) (LA Times) (The Washington Post)

US revokes tax exempt status for White Nationalist Group (ABC News)

MSNBC had a news story after receiving the President’s 2005 Tax Forms anonymously. (Video Here). Many people have speculated on what this means going forward as well as where the tax forms came from and whether or not it is constitutional to publish these documents without the President’s consent. Some are saying that this hard-hitting journalism while others are laughing at MSNBC and claim that these forms don’t really reveal much. Others are also speculating that someone within the White House purposely leaked this information. (NBC News) (FOX News)

The President unveiled a new Executive Order last week that was a “watered down” version of the travel ban he signed a few weeks ago. Recently this ban was struck down by federal judges just like the previous travel ban.(NY Times) (The Hill)

The White House revealed their plan for a budget that involved large cuts in many major government agencies like the EPA while also increasing military spending. This potential budget is facing backlash from Democrats and Republicans all wanting something different from the budget. (CNN) (NPR) (USA Today) (FOX News) (Washington Post)

The President met with Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, at the White House and it was full of controversy like the President demand Germany pay the US for the protection it receives due to the US military (via NATO and the UN), The President dragging Merkel into the Obama wiretapping story, The President telling a German Reporter that she was spreading “Fake News,” and The President refusing to shake Angela Merkel’s hand. (Washington Post) (Washington Post Again) (New York Times) (USA Today) (CNN) (Reuters) (The Hill)


You may know that I am currently putting my political posts on hold and that includes my weekly synopses of US Politics. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out yesterday’s political post here. Basically I’m not going to be posting political pieces on the website as I try to play catch up to the creative writing things which will make things easier on me and hopefully raise the quality of the other pieces being published on the website. Thank you for everyone who has been reading my political pieces and thanks for the general support! Well that’s all for this piece! Make sure you stay informed when it comes to US politics and you seek a variety of sources to balance biases. If there’s any big stories you think I missed, feel free to comment below with the story as well as relibale sources to back it up!


Reminder: Keep all discussion civil and on topic. I do not want to shut down free speech but I will if the speech is hateful and/or not-constructive. Thank you.

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