Weekly Synopsis Feb 19 – Feb 25

Here we go again with another round of political news! It seems to me that these don’t really take off when it comes to views, but I like them and they help me (and hopefully you) informed about what’s going on from week to week. So go ahead and check out this week’s Political Synopsis highlighting some major events that happened this week in American Politics:

Senator John McCain (R – Ariz) criticized the President and how he called the Media ‘the enemy’ during speeches. McCain said criticizing the media is “how dictators get started.” (Chicago Tribute)

“The United States deployed aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to patrol the increasingly contentious South China Sea, despite Beijing’s warnings not to challenge its sovereignty in the resource-rich sea.” (USA Today)
Wikipedia Article on Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea

The President selects Army Lt. General H.R. McMaster for National Security Adviser. (Washington Post) McMaster is seen as a ‘non-political’ selection and a person who could ‘say no’ to the President if it is necessary. (Washington Post)

Vice President Mike Pence travels to Europe to talk to European Allies about the US and NATO (New York Times)

The 45th President reverses Obama’s protections “that allowed transgender students in public schools to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity […]” (CNN)
More information on the President and his stance on Transgender rights/”bathroom bills.” (Washington Post)


That is just a brief summary targeting several different big stories that happened this week. Make sure you stay informed as well as look at many different sources from the far left to the far right. If there’s something major I forgot to include for this week, feel free to comment below and cite your source.



Reminder: Keep all discussion civil and on topic. I do not want to shut down free speech but I will if the speech is hateful and/or not-constructive. Thank you.

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